Dinner Menu

Spring Roll (Po Pia Tod) - 2pcs

Chicken or vegetable, mushroom, carrot wrapped in pastry

Vegetable Pakoras

Onions, carrots, sweet potato in batter, served with plum sauce

Bangkok Shrimp

Fried shrimp with sweet spicy creamy sauce & roast peanut

Fresh Roll (Pho Pia Sod)

Chicken, egg, cucumber, sweet pepper, carrot wrapped in rice paper

Crispy Wonton

Chicken Wonton served with sweet sauce

Chicken Satay

4 skewers of grilled chicken served with Thai peanut sauce

Crispy Calamari (Pla Meuk Tod)

Tender squid, deep-fried served with Thai plum sauce

Pan-fried or Steamed Dumplings

Chicken and vegetable stuffing with garlic sauce

Butterfly Shrimp

Battered fried shrimp served with plum sauce

Lettuce Wrap

Minced chicken, peas, chestnut, carrots with Thai sauce on top of lettuce leaves

Thai Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings

Kings Platter

Spring roll, dumpling, wonton, & butterfly shrimp

Lemongrass Soup (Tom Yam) *

Chicken, vegetables, mushroom, lemongrass with lemon juice

Mushroom Soup (Tom Yam Hed)

Mushroom, coconut milk, lemongrass

Thai Hot Sour Soup *

Chicken, tofu, bamboo shoots, mushroom, carrots

Pumpkin Chicken Coconut Soup

Chicken w/coconut milk, lemongrass, pumpkin

Seafood Soup (Pho Tak) *

Shrimp, squid, crab, lemongrass, lemon juice, mushroom, chili

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Chicken, corn, egg

Chicken Wonton Soup

Wonton with fresh vegetables

Thai Chicken Fried Rice (Khao Phad Gai)

Chicken, eggs, onion, vegetable

Thai Shrimp Fried Rice (Khao Phad Gung)

Shrimp, eggs, onion, vegetable

Basil Fried Rice (Khao Phad Kraphao)

Chicken, sweet basil leaves, onions, sweet pepper

Lemongrass Fried Rice (Khao Phad Suparod)

Chicken, shrimp, pineapple, cashews, onion, vegetable, eggs

Tom Yum Fried Rice *

Chicken, eggs, carrot, onion, scallion w/Thai paste

Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetables, eggs, onion, carrots, broccoli, sweet pepper

Pad Thai Noodles

Rice noodle w/shrimp, chicken, tofu, eggs, scallion, peanut

Vegetable Pad Thai Noodles

Rice noodles with vegetables, tofu, eggs, scallion, peanuts

Pad See Ew

Rice noodle with chicken, carrot, egg, broccoli

Drunken Spicy Noodles *

Rice noodles with Chicken/Beef/Pork, basil, sweet peppers, vegetables

Radnar Talay Noodles

Rice noodles topped w/chicken OR shrimp, vegetable with oyster sauce

Curry Noodles Soup (Kwai Teoruer) *

Rice noodles with vegetable, choice of Chicken or shrimp

Hakka Noodles

Stir-fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, egg, fresh vegetables

Crispy Rice Noodles

Fried thin rice noodles w/chicken, shrimp, vegetable, eggs w/sweet & spicy sauce

Singapore Rice Noodles *

Thin rice noodle with chicken, onion, sweet pepper, carrot in curry

Chicken Satay Noodles

Stir-fried noodles, carrots, sweet peppers, onion, peanuts in satay sauce

Chicken Shrimp Glass Noodles

Vermicelli noodles, eggs, pepper, onion, carrots

Served with steamed rice

Choice of chicken,$14.99 vegetable$13.99, tofu$13.99, beef$15.99, pork,$15.99 seafood $18.99

Red Curry

Bamboo shoot, carrot, broccoli, sweet pepper, coconut milk

Massaman Yellow Curry


Peanut Pineapple Curry

Peanut, pineapple

Served with steam rice     $14.99

Lemongrass Chicken

Lemongrass sauce, garlic in sweet chili sauce

Mango Chicken

Fresh mango, sweet pepper onion in sweet brown sauce

Crispy Chicken

Sweet pepper, carrot, and onion in sweet, spicy brown sauce

Basil Chicken

Fresh basil with pepper, onion, and garlic

Ginger Chicken

Fresh young ginger with mushroom, and onion

Chicken Bean Sauce

Broccoli, Napa, chestnut, carrot, onion, season veg.

Cashew Chicken

Cashew nut, sweet pepper, onion in sweet brown sauce

Sweet Sour Chicken

Pineapple, pepper, onions

Chili Chicken *

Fresh chilies with garlic cilantro in spicy sauce

Chicken Hot Garlic *

Broccoli garlic in spicy sauce

Sesame Chicken

Broccoli and onion

Served with steamed rice     $15.99

Spicy Crispy Beef *

Fried crispy beef with sweet pepper, onions, carrots, and chili

Tender Beef w/Broccoli & Mushrooms

Beef with broccoli and fresh mushrooms

Spicy Beef w/Bamboo Shoot

Beef with bamboo shoot in fresh basil sauce

Pepper Steak

Tender Beef with pepper with onion

Sweet & Spicy Beef

Broccoli in Thai sweet and spicy sauce

Served with steamed rice     $14.99

Basil Pork

Fresh basil, onion, sweet pepper

Tender Garlic Pork

Onion and sweet pepper

Spicy Pork

Bamboo shoot, fresh basil in Thai sauce

Served with steamed rice  $13.99           

Stir fried Vegetable

Broccoli, Napa, carrot, chestnut, and seasonal vegetables

Tofu Eggplant

Tofu and eggplant in fresh basil sauce

Tofu in Hot Garlic Sauce

Tofu Ginger

Mushroom and fresh young ginger

Lemongrass Shrimp

Fresh lemongrass sauce, lite garlic in sweet Thai sauce

Eggplant Siam Style

Chicken, shrimp, eggplant with fresh basil Thai sauce

Crispy Roast Duck

Duck on bed of fresh garden vegetables and basil

Duck Cho-chee *

Crispy roast duck in curry sauce mixed vegetable

Seafood in Bean Sauce

Shrimp, fish, squid and vegetables

Spicy Fish (Pla Tod) *

Crispy Tilapia top with bamboo shoots in spicy sauce

Lemon Chicken *

Lemon, onion, sweet spicy lime juice favor

Served with steam rice

Hibachi is served with zucchini, mushroom, onion, and carrots
Teriyaki is served with broccoli only

Teriyaki Chicken Lunch$9.99 Dinner$14.99

Teriyaki Steak Lunch$10.99 Dinner$14.99

Hibachi Chicken OR Vegetable Lunch$9.99 Dinner$14.99

Hibachi Shrimp Lunch$12.99 Dinner$16.99

Hibachi Steak Lunch$10.99 D$14.99

Hibachi Chicken and Steak Dinner$18.99

Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp Dinner$18.99

Served with a soft drink

Chicken Nuggets & Fries


Chicken Vegetable Noodles


Butterfly Shrimp & Fries


Chicken Vegetable Egg Fried Rice


Sweet Rice with Mango

Fried Banana with Ice Cream

Home-made Mango Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

Ice Tea (Sweet & Unsweet)

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mtn Dew, Lemonade

Hot Jasmine Tea

Thai Ice Team (no refill)

* Spice levels: Mild, Medium, Spicy, Very Spicy, Thai Spicy